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What people are saying about Flesh Wounds:

“Not since 'Unreliable Memoirs' by Clive James has there been a funnier, more poignant portrait of an Australian childhood.”
Simon Hughes, AFR Magazine

"Heartbreaking and hilarious...I couldn't put it down"
Tracey Spicer

"Sad, funny, revealing, optimistic and hopeful"
Jeanette Winterson

Matthew Parris

"Magnificent. It is Catcher in the Rye, but sweeter and more raw."
Caroline Overington

What people are saying about Why Men are Necessary and More News from Nowhere:

"24-carat comedy gold…told with sly wit and side-splitting one- liners."
Leila McKinnon, Australian Women's Weekly

"Hugely enjoyable."
Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

"Delightful....charming....a million and one roll-on-the-floor laughs."
Adair Jones, The Courier-Mail

"Full-on, uncontrollable, laugh-till-you-weep stories."
Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer-prize winning author of Year of Wonders and March

What people are saying about The Mud House:

"It's like a long letter home from a friend who's a particularly gifted correspondent: sometimes chatty or funny, sometimes confessional, never forced or overwritten; and, most of all, telling a story, a fireside tale. I recommend it."
Matthew Parris, Spectator Australia

"This book manages, by some extraordinary feat, to be almost all things to all people and is hilarious to boot."
Candida Baker, Sydney Morning Herald

What people are saying about Desperate Husbands:

"Desperately, wickedly funny. I devoured it in one sitting, greedily checking ahead to see that I still had pages left. Richard Glover has done the miraculous - he's made ordinary family life extraordinarily entertaining. This is a must-read for anybody who's ever had a wife or a husband or a mother or a stove or a child or a pulse. Go ahead and open a page at random - you'll laugh out loud."
Augusten Burroughs, author of 'Running with Scissors'